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YOU can live exactly as you choose with less stress, more confidence, and more cash.

YOU can take control of your life and your money.

YOU can be smart and savvy about your finances.

And it can happen more quickly and easily than you had imagined.


Confidence = Cash

How to Build Your Self-Worth and Net Worth

We’ve created this course just for you – the midlife woman who’s ready to get past the fear of the future and feeling scared and helpless about money. The woman who’s stuck in an unhappy relationship or unfulfilling job and needs the confidence and assurance that she can be financially independent.

It all starts with mastering your money mind set and stepping into your power and becoming financially independent. What does that mean?

Identifying the “money stories” that have been holding you back.

Reframing your relationship with money so that you control it rather than the other way around.

Understanding your current financial situation and how your money is working for you.

Clearing out the limiting beliefs that are preventing you for achieving your goals.

Developing strong boundaries for people who don’t support you in making powerful changes in your life.

Learning how to manifest your ideal lifestyle and the money you deserve on your own.

Creating a powerful vision for your financial future with an action plan to get there.

That’s what you’ll be learning in this

LIVE 3-week course.

Each call will be happening at 12P EST and here’s what we’ll be covering:

January 24th – Shut the Fear up!

We’ll dig deep into your money stories that you’ve lived with all your life and how this has impacted your relationship with money. Learn how to clear them, re-write them and recognize that your past relationship with money doesn’t have to be your future. Your fear of finances that leads you to ignore your money will be finally crushed.

January 31st – Money is my bitch.

Have you been making life decisions based on money? We’ll show you how to control money rather than allowing it to control you! Learn how to analyze your current financial situation eliminating the emotion around it. Gain practical steps to create healthy money habits and learn how to manage your money more effectively in order to be financially independent

February 7th – Create the life of your dreams.

What have you been putting off or denying yourself because of money? You’ll create a mission statement and vision board to start focusing on your future and most importantly the strategies for achieving your goals! Learn how to set personal boundaries to eliminate unhealthy/toxic relationships that impact your finances and goals.

We’re limiting the class size so that we can keep it interactive. You’ll have the chance to dig deep into these issues, ask questions either real-time or after the class and we’ll be sure to answer everything.

Don’t worry – if you’re not available for one of the live calls they’ll be recorded, and you’ll have access.


Imagine how much better life would be if…..

You made decisions based on your dreams instead of your fears.

You felt powerful and confident about your finances.

You set goals and achieved them with a concrete plan.

You didn't rely on anyone else to decide your future.

You saw yourself as a strong confident woman.

Normally our clients pay more than $750 to learn from us. But the way we’ve put this together we’re going to have a small interactive training so we’re able to keep the price down to $197. We won’t be offering it again at this price though.

Too many women are stressed about their finances and living in fear of the future. We want to help you get past this and become a confident, kick-ass, financially powerful woman.

So come join us in Confidence = Cash: How to Build Your Self-Worth and Net Worth.

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Traci & Alison


We’re Traci and Alison and we’re both ready to help you break through your self-doubt and limitations to become the bad-ass woman you’re meant to be.

Listen, we’ve had our own challenges with limiting beliefs – being clueless about finances, leaving it up to our husbands which led to disastrous results – for Alison having to declare bankruptcy.

We’ve played it safe and thought living life on our terms was selfish. Even worse we forgot that we were strong, confident women because we allowed others to define who we were.

At one point, both of us said “Enough!” We peeled away all of the fears and insecurities and rebuilt into the women we are today. We got smart and we didn’t allow anyone to control our finances or lives.



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